Improving Your Femininity With Labiaplasty

labiaplasty beverly hillsOver the past decade or so, a new trend has appeared that has been taboo in years past. Thanks to the expansion of the media and widespread use of the internet, more and more women have access to see the appearance of the female genitalia. Not aware of what they could look like, women simply accepted the fact that having pain with intercourse or discomfort with exercise due to their enlarged labia minora was a way of life and believed there was no one to turn to for advice, let alone a treatment!

Thanks to cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation, women now have the option of not only improving the shape of the labia, but also alleviating the pain that occurs during sex and physical activity such as running or simply walking.

Beverly Hills Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is a minimally invasive surgery that allows female patients to reverse the changes to the vagina caused by child birth, aging, or disorders.  For most woman, the ultimate goal is to restore the look and tightness of the area. Most commonly, woman who have a large labia, asymmetric labia, or other genital related issues benefit from a labiaplasty. The development of this excess tissue could in fact be hereditary or hormonal.

Because each patient is different, there are several different ways that labiaplasty can be performed. Generally, Dr. Firouz will first measure and mark the excess skin that the patient wants removed. Next, Dr. Firouz will remove the excess skin and reshape the labia, leaving you with a new, youthful vagina.

Labia Minora Reduction Surgery

This type of vaginal rejuvenation surgery is most commonly done to reduce the pain a woman feels due to her hanging vaginal lips. The sometimes crippling anxiety and suffering from this condition become too much for some women to bare, leading them to seek help from Dr. Firouz, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Labia rejuvenation reduces and reshapes the labia minora that is “stretched out” or asymmetrical.  Through the removal and repositioning of excess tissue and skin, the labia minora are reduced, but the natural contours, colors, and sensations are preserved.

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Labiaplasty is technical procedure and requires delicate precision from a highly experienced surgeon. To find out more information or if you have questions about vaginal reconstructive surgery or labiaplasty, please contact Dr. Firouz today to book your consultation at (310)274-4321.