Differing Breast Lift Incisions and Techniques

Breasts are a primary area of the body that attracts much attention in the cosmetic and plastic surgery world. Whether you are looking to enhance the shape, increase the size, or lift breasts that may have sagged or drooped naturally after nursing or with age and time, Dr. Jimmy Firouz is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who can do it all.

Breast lift surgery is also known as mastopexy. During the breast lift procedure, an incision is typically made under the breast. The excess skin is removed, the breast is shaped and the areola is positioned and lifted to allow for a lifted cosmetic appearance. The incision for this common breast lift procedure is anchor-shaped.

In a concentric mastopexy procedure or breast lift, the incision is around the areola and nipple. The amount of skin excised and removed is probably less than with the anchor-shaped incision breast lift surgery. The recovery time for a concentric breast lift is less. However, both techniques are equally effective. For larger breasts, the anchor-shaped incision below the breast would most likely be selected by your plastic surgeon.
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