When is the Best Time for a Teenager to Undergo an Otoplasty Ear Surgery?

Ear surgery has a few goals and desired results. The first is size; in terms of protruding ears, ear surgery seeks to reduce the size of large ears so it is cosmetically pleasing. The second is proportion. Every surgery, no matter how small, must be executed perfectly and done with precision. To Dr. Jimmy Firouz, a reconstructive and experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, results matter and so does proportion. With an eye for detail, Dr. Firouz has performed many otoplasty surgeries, including for young teenagers who would prefer to feel their best in their youthful age. When necessary, ear surgery may involve correcting congenital defects. It may also include correcting accidental injuries or damage to one or both ears.

A folded ear can also be corrected. Ear surgery or otoplasty generally brings the ears closer to the head, eliminating much protrusion (or what is sometimes called “elf” ears). If you are interested in learning more about this procedure, feel free to contact our Beverly Hills office. While otoplasty surgery is available to adults, it is equally available to teenagers and children who need it. Teenagers and even younger children can benefit from this surgery at any age- especially if it would help improve their self-esteem or self-confidence.