Types of Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgeries

Dr. Jimmy Firouz, board-certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon, specializes in extensive, complex and otherwise complicated surgeries of the body. He can perform liposuction or liposculpture to sculpt the body and remove fat.

Dr. Firouz routinely performs the infamous tummy tuck procedure which not only removes excess and loose skin and fat, but also repositions the abdominal muscles. Many women have a vertical separation of the abdominal muscles after childbirth called diastasis. A tummy tuck can correct and repair that separation that naturally occurs, by tightening the loose skin and contouring the abdominal muscles.

Dr. Firouz also performed various types of breast enhancement procedures from augmentation, to reduction, to breast lift. He also performs labiaplasty or vaginal rejuvenation to restore the appearance of the vagina. This procedure can enhance the size and shape of the lips outside of the vagina and correct any irregularities.