The 411 on Fat Transfer & Fat Grafting Surgery

Fat grafting can reverse some of the effects of aging by plumping certain areas of the body that are wrinkled or appear to be sunken. Often referred to as fat transfer surgery, this procedure is also effective in reducing the appearance of scars and other deformities.

Ideal Candidates for the Fat Transfer Procedure on the Face or Body

Fat grafting is often recommended for people who have pockmarks from acne and other types of facial scarring. People who suffer certain diseases that cause a loss of facial volume can also benefit from this procedure. Cheeks and other areas of the face that are sunken can often be corrected with fat grafting. Some doctors even recommend fat grafting for breast or buttock augmentation. Anyone who suffers from atrophic aging of the hands can also benefit from this treatment. Dr. Jimmy Firouz is an experienced board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who routinely performs the fat transfer procedure for his patients in various areas of the face and body.

Fat Transfer Surgery is a Cosmetic Procedure

One of the best aspects of fat grafting is that it uses fat cells from a person’s own body as filler material, which eliminates the risk of foreign tissue rejection from the body. A local anesthetic is used to numb the site where the fat cells are harvested. Fat cells are often taken from the abdomen, buttocks or other parts of the body that have excess fat deposits to be used for the fat transfer. After removal, these harvested fat cells go through a process that removes extra fluids. The treatment sites on the body, which are also numbed with local anesthetic, are then injected just beneath the skin with these fat cells to achieve greater fullness.

After Fat Grafting Surgery & During Recovery

Some bruising, redness and swelling may be present in the cell harvesting and treatment sites for as long as two weeks after surgery. Doctors may use over-corrective treatment methods to allow for better fat cell reabsorption, which could make some patients’ faces look overly plump or swollen for up to one week. Minimal downtime is usually needed for recovery. Post-surgical defects are rare.

Anyone who is interested in undergoing fat grafting for a breast augmentation or to correct certain facial flaws or other problematic areas around the body is encouraged to consult with Dr. Firouz, a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, for further advice. His practice is conveniently located in Beverly Hills. He provides his services to patients from all over California, from other states and across the country who seek his surgical expertise and years of experience.