How To Travel To Beverly Hills For Your Plastic Surgery

Posted December 12, 2016 in Body, Breast, Face, Plastic Surgery

When you think of plastic surgery, you think of Beverly Hills! Women around the world dream of coming to Beverly Hills and having their plastic surgery procedures performed by the surgeons to the stars. At the Firouz Institute of Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery, we have patients fly in from abroad every week to have surgery with world-renowned plastic surgeon, Jimmy S. Firouz, MD, FACS. Because we have so many patients travel thousands of miles to come see Dr. Firouz, we have put together a guide to help you plan your trip to Beverly Hills for your plastic surgery procedures.

Traveling to Beverly Hills for plastic surgery

Step 1 – Research The Best Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons

Once you have decided that you want to move forward with a plastic surgery procedure, including breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, Mommy Makeover, etc., you need to start researching the best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. You should look for board-certified plastic surgeons who specialize in the procedure(s) you are interested in.

Tips on how to find the best plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills:

  • Review the surgeon’s website to learn about his surgical technique/aesthetic philosophy and view before and after pictures
  • Look on at reviews from other patients
  • Browse the surgeon’s social media accounts, including Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook and Pinterest

Reviewing all of this different information will help you find the surgeon that will best meet your needs.

Step 2 – Schedule A Skype Consultation with Dr. Firouz

Dr Jimmy FirouzNow that you have found the best plastic surgeon, Dr. Jimmy Firouz, it is time to schedule your consultation! Because we have so many international patients, Dr. Firouz offers Skype consultations so that you can meet him for the first time from the comfort of your own home and not have to take an extra trip out to Los Angeles. During your Skype consultation, you will tell Dr. Firouz what your concerns are and how you hope to improve them with plastic surgery. Also, please note that prior to your consultation you can send us pictures of your ‘trouble areas’ so that Dr. Firouz can examine them and give you his best recommendations based on your goals. Together you and Dr. Firouz will come up with the best surgical plan to meet your aesthetic aspirations.

Step 3 – Work With Our Surgical Coordinator To Schedule Your Surgery Date

After you and Dr. Firouz establish your treatment plan, you will speak with Maggie, our surgery coordinator. Maggie will tell you the dates Dr. Firouz has available for surgery so you can decide which date is best for you. Additionally, Maggie will provide you with all the information you need prior to surgery.

  • Pre-op lab tests – You can choose to do them at home before coming to LA or you can arrive in LA a few days prior to surgery and do the lab tests here.
  • Aftercare and hotel arrangements – While not all patients require a stay at an aftercare facility, if this is something you do want, Maggie can help arrange this for you at our preferred aftercare locations. If you do not want to stay at an aftercare facility, Maggie can also provide hotel recommendations around Beverly Hills.
  • Financing options – If you are interested in learning about different financing options for your surgery, Maggie can discuss those with you.

During your surgical journey, Maggie is dedicated to you 24/7. Her primary goal is to make sure you are comfortable and stress-free every step of the way!

Step 4 – Fly to Los Angeles

Your surgery is just a couple of days away and it is time to fly to Los Angeles! We recommend patients arrive in LA 1 to 4 days in advance of their surgery so they have to time to settle in to their hotel, rest from the jet lag, and come in and meet the entire staff at the Firouz Institute of Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery.

Step 5 – Pre-Op Appointment With Dr. Firouz

Dr Firouz with patient at pre-opA day or two before your surgery, you will come in to the office for your pre-op appointment with Dr. Firouz. Your pre-op appointment is a great time to ask any additional questions you have thought of since your initial consultation. By the end of your pre-op appointment, we want to make sure you are 100% comfortable and confident with Dr. Firouz and your surgical plan.

If you are undergoing a breast augmentation procedure, at this appointment you can try on the different implant sizes to determine the size that will be best for you.

After you meet with Dr. Firouz, you will meet with Maggie. She will go over the guidelines for the night before and day of surgery. She will also explain what you should expect during the recovery process for your specific procedure(s) and when she needs you to come back into the office for your post-op appointments with Dr. Firouz.

Step 6 – Recover From Surgery

Your recovery process and guidelines vary based on the procedure or procedures you had performed. As mentioned before, Maggie will go over what you can expect from your specific recovery in great detail during your pre-op appointment. In the first couple of days following surgery we ask you to relax as much as you can, catch up on your Netflix shows, and focus on letting your body recover. Some procedures, such as breast augmentation, yield a much quicker recovery than more invasive procedures, such as a tummy tuck. However, overall, Dr. Firouz utilizes the most minimally invasive and cutting-edge surgical techniques available so that your recovery process is as quick and easy as possible. Dr. Firouz’s advanced surgical technique is one of the top reasons international patients (and local patients) choose him as their plastic surgeon; because it yields a quicker recovery than many other surgeons are able to provide.

Step 7 – Post-Op Appointments With Dr. Firouz

Following your surgery, you may need just one or multiple post-op appointments with Dr. Firouz to make sure you are healing properly. Again, Maggie will let you know prior to your surgery how many post-op appointments you will need so that you can plan accordingly. At your post-op appointments we strongly encourage you to tell Dr. Firouz exactly how you have been feeling, if you are experiencing pain, etc. so he can make sure you’re body is recovering properly.

Step 8 – Fly Home & Enjoy Your Results!

Most patients are ready to fly home approximately 10 days after surgery. By this point your pain has gone away, your stitches and drains have been removed and you are feeling close to your normal energy level again.


You are ready to head home and show off your beautifully enhanced body and improved self-confidence!

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