BOTOX® for Migraine Headaches

Over the past year, I’ve had several patients come in to see me for their migraine headaches. They have tried prescription medications but to no avail.

The headaches are so severe that it literally hinders their life’s daily activities. Not only does stress from the workplace bring on these headaches, but exercising and sexual intimacy also induce migraines.

They came to me as a last resort. Most of their headaches were centered on one or the other side of their forehead, in the middle of their brows, or in the back of their neck.

BOTOX® for Migraines

After their BOTOX® injections, ALL of my patients had moderate to complete resolution of their symptoms for 3 to 4 months, at which point they needed another treatment.

It’s important for me to mention that BOTOX® does not cure headaches or migraines! Like many other medications for headaches, BOTOX® offers another remedy for headache management. If successful, BOTOX® may allow you to reduce, and perhaps eliminate, your other headache medications.

BOTOX® Injections are given every 2 to 4 months depending on the patient and how soon the first set begins to wear off. The success rate with BOTOX® for migraines has been reported to be as high as 75%, but clinically the data shows about a 50 to 60% success rate.

As for my patients, they went back to work, started exercising, and returned to their normal sexual activity without having those disabling migraine headaches!

If you suffer from similar symptoms and would like to give BOTOX® a try, contact my office at (310) 274-4321 and mention this blog for a complimentary consultation.

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