The Cosmetic Benefits of a Chin Implant

A chin implant can add definition, contour and overall tone the jawline. While correcting a protruding chin or extending a smaller chin, a chin augmentation surgery inserts the implant in front of the jawbone through a small incision below the mouth.

A patient who has undergone a chin implant will be secured with taped bandages to accelerate the healing and recovery process. Some swelling and pain can be expected. Bruising can be alleviated with cold compresses. There may be some dietary restrictions as well, as chewing food may be temporarily difficult. However, the overall benefit of a chin implant procedure can create the profile and proportional shape desired of the chin as well as the face.

Be certain to seek out board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Firouz, a professional surgeon with the necessary expertise, craft and education to minimize risks of infection or other potential issues when using an unlicensed physician.