Cosmetic Plastic Surgery to Achieve a Brazilian Butt Lift

Small buttocks, flat, or lack of shape and curve can hinder a woman’s self confidence. If you are looking to improve the appearance of your buttocks cosmetically, this can be accomplished with Beverly Hills plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jimmy Firouz. He is board-certified and an artist at work when performing delicate procedures that involve reconfiguring size, symmetry, proportion of a particular area of the body.

His experience and precision are second to none. During a Brazilian butt lift procedure, the patient’s own body fat is harvested, removed and then utilized to enhance the volume of fat in the buttocks. It is not a foreign substance or agent since it the individual’s own body fat this is re-injected during the procedure.

Specifically, liposuction is performed to harvest the fat cells. Then, the fat stem cells must be purified before being re-introduced into the buttocks. Contact our Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice to schedule your consultation with Dr. Firouz to learn more about the benefits, recovery, and Brazilian butt lift procedure.