When You Should Get a Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery also known as mammoplasty is beneficial to individuals dealing with neck and back pain from large or heavy breasts. Breast reduction is also useful for women dealing with sagging breasts or disproportionate breasts in size that require an adjustment. To accommodate for the symmetry, proportion and appearance of healthy and natural looking breasts, Dr. Jimmy Firouz is a board- certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who can accomplish the aesthetic component while also correcting the underlying problem.

If you want to correct the size of both breasts, or if one breast appears larger than the other, a breast reduction can correct these differences in size and shape. This is distinct from breast implants or breast augmentation plastic surgery, which seek to augment and increase the size of both breasts. Many patients also opt to undergo a breast lift simultaneous to a breast reduction or augmentation procedure.

During breast reduction surgery, the surgeon can perform wither a surgical excision or utilize liposuction. After removing excess, skin fat and tissue, the areolas will be repositioned and secured.

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