What a Labiaplasty or Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery Can Do For You

The most popular procedure for women dealing with issues with the labia or vagina, in terms of appearance and comfort, can benefit from a labiaplasty. For example, an individual with a large labia or asymmetric labia may want to change the size or shape of the lips surrounding the vagina.

What can occur after pregnancy and childbirth in women is in an elongated laboia. This means that the tissue is longer than it should be, which can cause causing the labia minora to hang below the labia majora. This can cause discomfort and unwanted pain.

Other individuals may seek to undergo a labiaplasty, simply due to comfort reasons to prevent rubbing, discomfort and chaffing. Since many women experience changes to their private parts after childbirth, after sex as well as the natural aging process, labiaplasty plastic surgery can counter these unwanted changes.

For women who enjoy horseback riding or riding a bike, bit experience chafing and discomfort during physical activities can benefit from a labioplasty procedure.

During recovery, strenuous activities must be limited, and the area must be kept very clean. Swelling and discomfort may result. The sutures will dissolve between seven and 10 days.

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