What does thigh lift surgery accomplish?

During a thigh lift cosmetic procedure, Dr. Firouz creates incisions in the thigh in order to conspicuously remove excess fat and minimize sagging skin. He also performs liposuction simultaneously, if fat must also be removed to create tighter looking skin on the thighs.

Some side effects of thigh lift surgery include swelling and hematomas. Recovery may take more than a few days, depending on the extent of the surgery. Compression garments may be required and bedrest may be recommended to minimize the swelling in the legs and thighs. if for example, severe ptosis or drooping is present, sagging skin may be eliminated from the knees or legs by a vertical incision made on the inside of the leg.

It is important to discuss your personal medical history with Dr. Firouz during your consultation, because certain individuals may not be candidates for this procedure. Individuals who do not qualify to undergo thigh lift surgery include those who have undergone varicose vein treatments, are diabetic, or not otherwise healthy. To see for yourself the results we can achieve, especially cosmetic and aesthetically, explore our before and after gallery for various procedures to the face and body.