Best Boobs You've Always Wanted! Surgery by Dr. Firouz (Time Lapse Video)

Video (time lapse): Breast Augmentation // Breast Enhancement // Boob Job
Age: 25 | Height: 5’11”
Implant: 425 cc moderate plus profile (silicone)
Pre-cup size: 34 B | Post-cup size: 34 C

? Treatment: Breast Augmentation by @drjimmyfirouz
? Purpose: To add volume and/or correct asymmetry
? Results: Immediate
? Recovery: 4-6 weeks
?: 97% Worth it rating @RealSelf
? Consultation Cost: $200⏱Procedure time: 1-2 hrs
? Pain: 6-7 out of 10
⚠️Caution: Make sure your surgeon is a board certified Plastic Surgeon with previous experience in this particular procedure (studies show surgeons who perform a particular procedure at least once a week are less likely to develop a complication)
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Breast enhancement surgery is the most popular body plastic surgery procedure among women in the United States.It can boost your confidence, give your figure better symmetry, make clothes shopping more enjoyable, and enhance your natural curves. Surgery is commonly performed on an outpatient basis at a hospital or state-of-the-art surgery center under general anesthesia.