Our practice offers Trapezius Botox, also known as Traptox, where Botox is injected into a patient's trapezius muscles in the neck. The trapezius consists of the upper back of the shoulders and neck. Some wanted side effects include relieving back pain, shoulder pain and creating a perception of a longer neckline. Specifically, it can provide pain relief for muscle tightness.

Who can Benefit from Botox Injections in the Trapezius?

Based upon clinical studies and research, many women are predominantly affected by hypertrophy in the trapezius muscle and suffer from muscular tension. Causes may include strain, psychological stress, physical pain, and myofascial tenderness. If left untreated, it can lead to myalgia, primary fibromyalgia and other disorders.

The Results of Botox Treatments Over Time

The effects of Botox in the trapezius muscles can last 3-6 months.

If a patient opts for Botox in the trapezius muscles, it can be effective within a few days. However, to treat intense pain or stress, results can be seen one to two weeks after a treatment. Many patients also notice the slimming of their neckline.

As this treatment is becoming increasingly popular, we can offer some relief and comfort to those individuals struggling with discomfort, tightness, and pain in this area of the body. With steady results, Botox injections are easy to administer and maintain over time.

Contact our practice today to initiate your journey to healing and living with less pain. Dr. Jimmy Firouz, a renowned plastic surgeon, can facilitate and guide this change intending to diminish pain in the trapezius muscles.

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