Hair Restoration With Plasma Therapy

Hair loss is a common problem among all genders. Plasma Therapy is an ideal hair restoration treatment for people suffering from thinning hair and androgenic alopecia. Hair restoration with plasma is a wonderful and effective nonsurgical aesthetic treatment. There is no downtime with plasma hair therapy. Hair Restoration Therapy is a treatment in which we do a blood draw, spin the blood and the pull out a substance (plasma) and inject into your scalp. This treatment and plasma are what can stimulate hair growth.

Benefits of plasma hair restoration

  • Non-invasive hair restoration treatment/ no downtime
  • Thickens the hair follicle
  • Strengthens the existing hair
  • Stimulate natural hair growth
  • FDA cleared + scientifically proven
  • Natural-looking results

How does plasma therapy work?

Plasma therapy is performed by injecting your own plasma into the scalp at the area where hair loss has occurred. Plasma contains growth factors that can thicken the hair follicle, strengthen the existing hair, and/or stimulate natural hair growth. To see the benefits of plasma therapy we suggest doing 3 treatments separated by 4-6 weeks. Once you have completed your hair restoration treatment series, we suggest you do yearly treatments to maintain your results. Additionally, we recommend that you can pair your treatments with some great supplements such as Viviscal or Nutrafol.

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