The Difference Between Chin Augmentation and Chin Reduction Plastic Surgery

The primary difference between a chin augmentation procedure and chin reduction is that during an augmentation or chin implant a receded chin is extended to create a defined jaw line. During a reduction, excessive bone is shaved down if the chin is protruding. This is to achieve a balance and symmetry of the face, many patients up to also undergo a rhinoplasty or nose job at the same time they undergo a chin augmentation or reduction.

For a facial surgeries, as delicate as these, a board-certified plastic surgeon is highly recommended to ensure optimal results and minimal scarring. Dr. Jimmy Firouz is a licensed reconstructive and plastic surgeon and his office is conveniently located in Beverly Hills. As such, he is able to perform a full spectrum of cosmetic and plastic surgery enhancements to the face and body. Explore other cosmetic facial enhancement procedures performed at our practice.

To learn more about a chin augmentation or reduction procedure and find out whether you’re a candidate, come in to see Dr. Firouz and his team at your convenience.