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I went into my beast aug process knowing nothing and basically going off of yelp reviews. I went to multiple consultations and nobody compared to Dr Firouz. He was the ONLY surgeon who truly listened to what I wanted. I wanted a mild change, nothing super drastic. I found others made me feel awkward going modest, and pressured me to make a bigger change than I was comfortable with.

I see below that someone said Firouz “refused” to give her anything above a certain size. Sounds very dramatic. Not accurate with his personality. He makes you feel comfortable and excited. His in-office staff (Annie and Maggie) is great. They were another large part about why I liked this place so much.

He truly cares about the process. Even though he does this every day, he recognizes that this is a big life change for the patient. The consultation is free, so I would recommend scheduling one even if you are unsure. I plan to write another review about my post-op in the next week.

Kristen K. (As seen on Yelp)

I have never yelped in my life, but I wanted to make a point to do it for Dr. Firouz and his staff.  From the moment I walked into his office I knew this was the place for me.  Everyone was extremely welcoming and informative.  From the front office girls, to Annie, and of course Dr. Firouz.  I decided to get a breast augmentation 2 years ago.  I was a small B and wanted to go to a full C or small D.  Dr Firouz had me try on a couple different sizes, until I settled on the one that looked right for me.  I decided to go with teardrop Silicone implants because I wanted a more natural look (If you’re already spending the money, you might as well get the best ).  While I was there, I also decided to ask about Liposuction.  I had been on a certain type of birth control for a long time, and unfortunately I had developed a spare tire around my waist.  He gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision, and I decided to go for it.

Two years later, and I am so thrilled with the amazing results I have.  My breasts look absolutely amazing and my waist is perfectly shaped!  I get so many compliments about how great they look and how flat my stomach is.  I have a couple of friends that got breast implants before I did, and they both wished they had gone to Dr. Firouz (what a difference I tell you).

Based on the Amazing job Dr. Firouz did with me, my mother decided to go to him and ask about breast reconstruction.  My mother has had breast cancer twice, and received two lumpectomy’s to remove the cancer.  Needless to say the lumpectomy and chemo, completely destroyed her right breast. She had many insecurities that she never had before, and it was extremely hard for her to feel confident in her clothes.  After speaking to Dr. Firouz she decided to go with the procedure.  It’s over 1 year later, and my mother is thrilled with the results.  She has her confidence back, and is a much happier person today.  After my mother’s surgery Dr. Firouz sent her the most beautiful handwritten note, expressing how wonderful it was to be a part of her journey back to recovery after the cancer.

Dr. Firouz has changed Me and my Mother’s life in more ways than I can express.  He such an amazing soul, who does amazing work, and I will  continue to recommend him to anyone I come across!

Jessica P. (As seen on Yelp)

Dr. Firouz is nothing short of amazing!! He is hands down the best plastic surgeon in town. I had a procedure done and was very afraid to do it in general because I am uncomfortable with the thought of blood and sharp objects but Dr. Firouz quickly dissipated my fears. Not only did he perform the procedure swiftly, efficiently and with good results, he exhibits the highest professionalism through and through. I highly recommend him for all your plastic surgery needs whether they are cosmetic or not. If you are looking for the best, look no further!

Jessica E. (As seen on Yelp)

Dr. Firouz and his office staff are simply the best.  From day one, they have been kind, compassionate, caring and friendly with each and every interaction.  I marvel at their personal attention, and the amazing way in which they get to know each patient on a personal level.  He’s far beyond exceptional.

I recently had a breast augmentation two days ago and I feel amazing and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Dr. Firouz and his staff did an amazing job. Thank you so much!!!

Fernanda R. (As seen on Yelp)

Incredible results with Botox and filler. I’ve had cosmetic procedures performed by very reputable plastic surgeons in the past, but Dr. Firouz left them all in the dust. Thank you for superb results.

Lazlo P. (As seen on Yelp)

Getting any cosmetic procedure done for the first time can always be a little scary…so I made sure to do plenty of research for the top doctors in Beverly Hills. And, of course, my #1 choice was Dr. Firouz. I came in for a consultation for fillers to enhance my facial features. Dr. Firouz was so caring and informative and made me feel comfortable enough to get dermal fillers done the same day. Its been about 5 days since the injections, and I have no bruising and very minimal swelling which I’m sure will subside within a few days. I couldn’t be happier with the results. A little enhancement goes a long way! I still look natural and nothing looks overly-done. I highly recommend Dr. Firouz!!

Annie R. (As seen on Yelp)

I never yelp but I had to bc I was so pleased with my visit to Doctor Firouz office in Beverly Hills. He was so knowledgable and patient with all my questions. Everyone at the office was so welcoming.
I also really recommend seeing Roberta if you need Botox and juvaderm. For some reason It’s lasting twice as long as any other treatments from other offices I’ve been to LA. I look natural & rested.. Nothing but positives, I will be back.

Krista T. (As seen on Yelp)

I recently visited Dr. Firouz for a first time lip filler and breast augmentation. I was extremely nervous for my procedure but as soon as Dr. Firouz walked into the room, I felt so comfortable and knew that I could trust him with anything. He really treats you like family and is not afraid to be completely up front or honest about the procedure at hand. My experience with lip fillers was specifically with Juvederm. Dr. Firouz listened to what I wanted and gave me helpful feedback. We discussed the procedure and he assured me that I would have natural results, which I definitely did! It’s been about 4 days since my procedure and most of the swelling/bruising has gone down. I am in love with my lips and will definitely continue to visit Dr. Firouz for my future lip needs 🙂 as for my breast augmentation, I could not have been happier. I am visiting family in LA from NY and at the last minute decided on getting breast augmentation. I went in for a consultation today having my mind set on a possible surgery while visiting. After my consultation, I felt that it would be a wise decision to wait until next year for the procedure (since I will be permanently living in LA). Maggie was so sweet/understanding and I would highly recommend Dr. Firouz and his team for any cosmetic procedures. They will make you feel comfortable, safe, and at ease through an otherwise nerve wrecking time. I am so excited and looking forward to continuing my journey with Dr. Firouz next year!

Parisa R. (As seen on Yelp)

Dr. Firouz is literally my favorite person in the world right now!  I had my mommy makeover in May and 10 weeks later I got to walk into my 20 year HS reunion feeling like Cinderella!  Seriously, he transformed my body beyond my wildest dreams!  I pretty much want to pick him up and hug him every time he walks into the exam room at each post op visit!  He is so amazing to work with. Really listened to me at my consultation and pre-op to make sure my results would be everything I was looking for and I could not be happier.  My kids are 2 and 4 (both c-sections); my belly was flabby and my breasts were flat and lifeless. Now I feel like a model. Absolutely life changing.  My biggest hesitation going into this was the fear of going under anesthesia and I will never forget how he held my hand and kept me calm as I drifted off to sleep.  His staff is wonderful – I’m always greeted by a friendly receptionist and Maggie the surgical consultant answered every one of my 100+ questions and truly cared about me and my journey. Can not give enough praise to this man and his office as a whole!  Highly recommend!!!

Carly A. (As seen on Yelp)

I just had the pleasure of going to Dr. Firouz’s office for the first time. I came specifically to see my favorite nurse, Roberta, whom I had been going to for the past 4 years before she moved to Dr. Firouz’s office. I came in for a consultation for Botox and Juvederm.

First off, the customer service was fantastic. I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who brought me a cup of tea. There was zero wait time before my appointment – they were very on time and organized.

Roberta, who had been doing my fillers for 4 years at her prior location, looked at my face and said I barely needed any Botox. She knows I like to look natural and gave me less than 10 units to achieve my look. As always, she never left a bruise. You would never know I got Botox that day. She is a pro.

As for Juvederm, Roberta did my lips, under eye area and nasal folds about 8 months ago at her prior location, and she said it was still holding up. She said I didn’t need any more yet. She even brought in Dr. Firouz for his opinion, and he agreed. In a nutshell, they were so honest that they turned away my business! This is why I trust Roberta and Dr. Firouz so much.

I have gotten so many compliments from my friends on the work Roberta has done for me over the years. I trust her with my most precious commodity – my face! That is why I followed her to Dr. Firouz’s office. And I am so glad I did, because Dr. Firouz was honest, had a good bedside manner, and ran a very upscale office.

I will absolutely continue to see Roberta at Dr. Firouz’s office for all of my fillers and any other facial work.

I was also impressed with Dr. Firouz’s portfolio of plastic surgery, so when the time comes for any further work, including a potential breast augmentation, I will be seeing Dr. Firouz.

Weho Lawyer Girl L.(As seen on Yelp)

Dr Firouz is the BEST. If I could give him 10 stars, I would! His staff is professional and friendly and he is truly detailed, honest, and amazing at what he does. I have gone other places to get advice on fine lines and facials and I know now that he is truly the best. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a truly fabulous Doctor.

Heather A. (As seen on Yelp)

I have been going to Dr. Jimmy Firouz for about two years now for Botox. Not only do I love how I look years younger, but I  love how I look like me! Dr. Jimmy’s technique is painless and moderate. His wonderful staff are always helpful, courteous and very friendly.  I highly recommend you go and treat yourself!!

Judy W. (As seen on Yelp)

I have been going to Dr Firouz for the last year and he is not only an incredible surgeon he is has an artistry to his work. Not only does he have a fantastic staff that is incredibly friendly. He takes time and makes very detailed notes each visit so you don’t feel like ” just a number”

He is also more interested in helping you look like your ” BEST YOU ” not  like a cookie cutter image of ” beauty ”. He is interested in helping you feel and look YOUR BEST!! That is priceless!!

Appointments are very easy to make and quality and service is TOP NOTCH!

Judy W. (As seen on Yelp)

I genuinely wish I could give Dr. Firouz more than 5 stars…but since that’s my limit…it will have to do!!  It goes without saying ( just read his reviews – or better yet go see him and look at his book of work)  that he is a highly skilled and extremely artistic Doctor who does beautifully crafted work…but almost more important than that is his care and concern for his patients!!  After way too many consultations with self important Plastic Surgeons in this town …Dr. Firouz was such a welcome find!!  He is kind and compassionate -extremely concerned about you and your comfort level- and takes all the time you need to ask questions and walk out feeling educated and secure.  He lets you know that you are important to him..and is as real and down to earth as they come.  All that…and an amazingly fantastic Physician??  I’d say RUN and make an appointment right this second!!

Caryn R. (As seen on Yelp)

Words cannot express how fortunate I was to have Dr. Firouz as my surgeon. He is well educated, fully certified and has an artistic eye. Even more impressive is his kindness and compassion. He went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable during the entire process and called me at home the following day to check on me – an extra touch that is rare and very much appreciated. The process was fabulous from start to finish, and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I cannot recommend Dr. Firouz enough!


Caroline H. (As seen on Yelp)

Believe the hype and stop searching! ALL the great reviews are true! Dr. Firouz is an exceptional plastic surgeon who is caring,  honest, and has a great esthetic eye to give you exactly what you want; just take a look at his image gallery online and read all his 5 star reviews on yelp.

I want to begin my review by saying that from the moment my family (my husband and 6 year old twin boys)and I steped into Dr. Firouz’s office we felt welcomed and valued, which sadly  is something I can not say for other offices I recieved consults at.
Now one might think, why would someone bring their entire family with them to a consult? My answer is simple, it was a decision I wanted my family to be involved in and be comfortable with, after all this is surgery we are talking about and Dr. Firouz understood this.

Dr. Firouz answered all of my questions and my husbands question clearly and truthfully. He explained all the dangers involved with surgery, and what to expect if I decided to go through with the procedure. I really appreciated that he told me the truth and not just what I wanted to hear just so I would become his patient.  After 4 long years of searching I finally felt safe and soo excited and knew right than and there he was the perfect doctor for me.

Furthermore I want to add that Annie was absolutely amazing with my boys! She had them color and even had them feed her fish which they loved. Annie also made herself available to me by giving me her personal number where she could be reached for any concerns or question that I might have. I loved that I could text her and get a reply right back; I’m not a talk on the phone kind of gal.

On the day of my surgery everything went perfect! My surgery started on time, was introduced to all the staff and Dr. Firouz even brought all my meds to me; I didn’t have to get my husband to drive to the pharmacy afterwards. Dr. Firouz was also kind enough to bring me ginger ale, a bottle of water, and some crackers to munch on for my drive back home. However, what stood out the most to me was that Dr. Firouz held my hand from the moment I layed down on the operating table till the moment I closed my eyes from the anesthetics.

As far as the results go, lets just say that my husband is very happy (LOL) and I could not be more pleased! I got exactly what I wanted and more.

My whole experience at Dr. Firouz’s office was not only professional but flawless! Thank you Dr. Firouz and staff!

Gsel W. (As seen on Yelp)

I’m so happy to see all of these great reviews on Dr. Firouz! It’s been about 4 years since I’ve had my breast augmentation and I STILL brag to people about how amazing Dr. Firouz is. He is kind, patient, enthusiastic, and realistic! All of the things I was looking for in a doctor.

Here’s a little bit about my experience: About 2 weeks after my saline breast aug I experienced a sudden sharp pain in my left breast, and within minutes my breast did not look normal. I freaked out thinking that my implant had burst and called Dr. Firouz LATE at night on his cell phone. To my surprise, he picked up and walked me through a series of questions and then scheduled an immediate appointment for the next day. Come to find out, I was not massaging my implants correctly and the scar tissue surrounding my breast had hardened and torn (ladies MASSAGE YOUR BREASTS!!). Dr. Firouz was amazing in explaining all of this and even scheduled an appointment that day to get my implants redone the next month…this time using silicone.

He was realistic with me about the healing process for my second surgery because I was not fully healed from my first one, and also tried to save me money where he could. His level of care for his patients FAR exceeds any other doctor I have been to regardless of field. I really could not have asked for a better experience to come out of such an unfortunate event. My breasts look so natural and fit my body so PERFECTLY that people are often shocked when I tell them that they aren’t real. I love them more and more as the years go by, and when I’m eventually ready to get some more work done Dr. Firouz will be my first and only choice.

Katie B. (As seen on Yelp)

First I would like to say that I’m not the average 30 year old getting a breast augmentation. Most girls my age are getting breast implants, meanwhile I am getting a reduction. I have had large boobs for most of my teenage years and wanted to get a reduction for all of my 20’s. After 3 kids.. my husband said “Lets do It!!” I went to a few consults in Beverly Hills, one being very well know TV star. After  years of wanting this, I really started researching Plastic Surgeons. I found Dr. Firouz through Yelp and was amazed at his reviews. I went through pages and pages of people being extremely happy with not only results but how much they felt “taken care of” by the dr. I was pleased by the fact that he was board certified..(that’s not in every surgeon’s case!) Consult was great and I was ready to do the surgery that day! A couple weeks later I had my surgery and was more than excited at my results!! I went from a  G to a DD. I think I would have even gone smaller but the Dr. explained how careful he has to be for proper blood flow and nerves. That being said…I could not be happier with the look, lift  and symmetry he gave by breasts. I have boobs that I am proud of, that was never ever the case before!! They are perfect size for my body and frame.

I however had a RANDOM thing happen after my surgery, I woke up one morning ( 2 weeks later) and started noticing that my right breast was turning slightly black. I know I know, scary!! I freaked out and called Dr. Firouz and he had me come in right away. It was confirmed in his office that I had something called tissue necrosis. Very rare and of course I get it.. Dr. Firouz called me that very night and said he couldn’t sleep until he knew that we could get me into treatment and reverse any further harm!! I had to do something called hyperbaric chamber treatments( he recommended) that were scary but worked! For those of you who have never heard of this, it is used for illnesses but mostly when scuba people get the bends!! After  a few treatments I followed very closely with Dr. Firouz and everything worked out fantastic.

Through every step of the way, from consult to surgery to follow-up! He was very educated passionate and caring!! He always made me feel important and valued! I would Highly Highly Highly  recommend him! You will be in great hands…

Nicole L. (As seen on Yelp)

Not that he needs any more glowing reviews, but Firouz is the real deal.

I went in for my first Botox treatment, and he talked me out of it and sent me on my way — not even a charge for the consult, even though he took his time explaining why he didn’t think I’d get the result I was looking for.    No rush, easy to talk to, easy on the eyes, and clearly there for the right reasons.   He gained my trust and this is the first place I’ll go for ANY procedure I’m considering in the future.

It’s like when you find a mechanic you trust, you don’t want to go anywhere else!

And OMG — I was able to easily fill out my forms online before my visit.  No outdated, poorly copied forms that no one will ever read when I arrived — that alone makes this place gold.

Paul H. (As seen on Yelp)

Dr Firouz is hands down the most incredible plastic surgeon ever! He is completely honest with the reality of the desired goal your trying to achieve and actually for my situation when I showed him a picture of this playmates breasts and said I wanted mine like that he said that it wasn’t realistic due to the fact that in my condition and needing the type of lift plus the implant that it would be possible to look exactly like the pic but he would do the best he could, turns out after my procedure they r actually better than the picture that I originally showed him, they r PERFECT plus he did an incredible job on my abdomanplasty (still really swollen but is goin to bee like it was before I had my daughter)!! I really feel like he saved my life on so many levels from having this done and am so grateful! Annie and Erin were amazing as well and I love how genuine and helpful they both r, they truly have gone beyond out of there way to be there thru it all ! Also Jen and EVERYONE in the surgery center were so kind and comforting thru it all thank u! Even when I found out my ride for after surgury flaked out on me jen went and asked an employee who lives in woodland hills also if she would be able to give me a ride which she did and I am so thankful and grateful to every one who was a part of this life changing incredible procedure! I truly can not thank u all enough! Dr Firouz and the entire team is ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS FROM THE VERY BEGINNING AND THROUGHOUT ALL OF IT!!!! THANK U ALL AGAIN!

Summer-Star G. (As seen on Yelp)

HONEST Doctor!  Went in for some scar tissue from a previous lipo done in NYC.   He was honest.  Dr. Firouz is very detailed.  Very professional.  He has great photos, pays attention to what the patient wants and has a great eye for fine details.   Goes into details with your needs and explains everything.  Top Doctor!  His office staff was amazing and helped with my little one during consultation – a definite plus!
Felt very comfortable with him. Definitely the PERFECT DOCTOR for lipo and tummy tucks! Wish I would have done my original lipo with Dr. Firouz.  If I ever get my boobs done, I will go to Dr. Firouz.

Annie is very helpful and answers all questions.   Staff was so helpful and nice.

Lolanyc S. (As seen on Yelp)

Dr. Firouz is by far the most talented, caring and precise plastic surgeon anyone could ask for. If you are considering any plastic surgery, Dr. Firouz is the most thorough and compassionate surgeon who truly cares about his patients. From the initial consultation, to post-op appointments, it is always an enjoyable experience. His results are nothing short of amazing. I have had multiple surgeries with Dr. Firouz and would recommend him to anyone considering plastic surgery.

Amanda M. (As seen on Yelp)

Are you reading these reviews because you are considering a breast augmentation procedure? Then do it, and do it with Dr. Firouz. It is a life-changing decision for good, trust me. I always wished I had these beautiful breasts but was always scared of surgery. I am now 34, recently divorced and visited Dr. Firouz for a consultation and… I will always be thankful for that. I am from Europe and fairly new to L.A. but as soon as I met Dr. Firouz, I knew I was in good hands and decided that if I had this procedure done, he would be my surgeon. He pointed me to the right procedure and to the right size of cup. I am sooo glad I listened and followed his advice. I am so comfortable with my body now, my self-esteem has improved x 1000. You will never regret having a breast augmentation and Dr. Firouz is simply the best. He is a caring and sweet person plus a very well prepared professional. His team is great. The operating room is perfect. The follow up is easy, etc. If he has so many good reviews in yelp is because he deserves it. We are all so happy to have him as a doctor/ surgeon that we all desire to spread the word naturally. Do not look any further. Just go for it and you won’t be disappointed. Good luck! All the best.

Esther G. (As seen on Yelp)

When I found out that my doctor had passed away, I was devastated. I’ve been with him for a long time and had sent all my family, friends, and clients to him over the years. I asked around for referrals and looked up a few on my own. Thank goodness I listened to my fiancé, and decided to read up reviews on each one of them. None had straight 5 stars and great reviews like Dr. Jimmy Firouz ! From the moment I called for a consultation to the day I came back for my post op, it was a joyful experience. There’s not much more I can add to that has not mentioned by others. I don’t want to repeat what others have already said here, but they are ALL TRUE :) and more. I came in with my two friends, we all felt the same way. All our questions were answered, one by one. We weren’t pressured in any way. Dr. Jimmy Firouz was like a friend and not the typical business hot shot Beverly Hills plastic surgeons like I’ve met. There’s a great vibe about him that makes you just trust him at the very start. For such an incredible and talented plastic surgeon, he’s so humble, kind, and warm hearted. Today is my 3rd day since the surgery and it feels like 3 weeks. I was under for 4.5 her, a very tedious procedure, and there I was, 24 hrs later, no bruising, bleeding, nor swollen, a little tenderness but nothing unbearable. Dr. Firouz prepared all the meds before surgery and I didn’t have to worry about it. I ended up only taking the antibiotic and a few pain med when it gets really bad, but rarely. I am so pleased with my decision, the result, and everything above and beyond. I trust Dr. Jimmy Firouz with my life and my family and believe me, there aren’t many people you can say that about, especially in Beverly Hills and this day and age. I know when it comes to things like this, people like to keep it a secret, but when you have someone as wonderful and do such an incredible work like DR. JIMMY FIROUZ, how can you not shout out and share with the world? I What goes around, comes around. I know I did something right to have found Dr. Jimmy Firouz, you truly are a Blessing & Gift for us all. May you successfully continue sharing this wonderful gift…. Thank you, Dr. Firouz, Annie, and staff, for all your beautiful spirit, support, patience, understanding, friendliness, and everything else in between. There couldn’t be a better TEAM. I will come stop by to say, “Hello”, if I can’t find any other reasons. Love & Light…

Francesca N. (As seen on Yelp)

Updated Review from Dami C: It’s been almost 2 years since I had surgery from Dr. Firouz but I just wanted to update my review because I am very satisfied/grateful with the quality of care that I received here. I had another procedure done by another plastic surgeon in the Los Angeles area, and my experience was so awful, so the polar opposite of what happened to me at Dr. Firouz’s office, that it made me realize what a blessing going to Dr. Firouz’s office for surgery was. I wish more doctors were as genuinely caring & compassionate as he is. He is the real deal.

Also, I was living out of state and had to have my parents go in to their office twice for something, can’t remember what exactly– down payment maybe–But my parents don’t speak much English and they both said how nice the receptionist and Annie the coordinator were. So I’m glad my parents were treated also with respect instead of being patronized or treated w/difficulty which has happened in the past with other places.

My experience & my results from the surgery had a very positive impact on my self esteem and I am much happier. Dr. Firouz gave me a hug after going for a post up f/u and seemed genuinely really happy for me, that I was happy with my new body. A few weeks later I also got a handwritten thank you card from him and the office. The hug & card might seem like minor trivial details, but when coupled with a 5 star experience, it was very meaningful.

I hope more prospective patients choose this office instead of going to other places where you will receive botched work and terrible treatment. Dr. Jimmy Firouz’s clinic is truly an all around 5 star place.

Original Review from Dami C: The surgeon was fantastic and so was his support staff. His coordinator Annie set up all the logistics & details of my surgery while I was living out of state months in advance and I didn’t have to worry about setting up to get my surgery. Dr. Firouz really took care of me, from prescribing Valium to help w/the fear of getting such a scary procedure done, ambien to help me just rest easy after the surgery, sennakot to offset the side effects of narcotic pain medication, zofran for nausea, flexeril for pain from muscle spasms, even a homeopathic supplement–arnica montana-to help with bruising & swelling. I wish I’d known about that med earlier w/my other surgeries… It helped a lot. I was just so grateful he gave me those meds bc it made my healing process so much easier. The price of the meds were included in the surgery costs so I didn’t have to go to the pharmacy & purchase them. Every aspect of the surgery, from consultation to actually going under the knife, and to follow up was above & beyond my expectations. I’ve had bad experiences w/plastic surgeons who are just out to maximize their profit so it made dr. Firouz’s office look just that much better. I wish there were more surgeons who treated their patients like him & his office. About my surgery itself– my results came out great, I feel bad bc I had a f/u appt but wasn’t able to make it as I live out of state.

Dami C. (As seen on Yelp)

Dr. Firouz is one of those rare plastic surgeons who care about their patients more than they care about money. If he doesn’t specialize specifically in what you need, he will give you a referral. I had a really great experience with one of the doctors he referred. I think it’s very important to be able to trust your surgeon, and Dr. Firouz is certainly someone you can trust.

Masha Y. (As seen on Yelp)

Dr. Firouz is an amazing Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills. I couldn’t be happier that I did my research by going to a few other Plastic Surgeons and seeing what’s out there, before I found myself convinced that Dr. Firouz is perfect for me and my needs. He is truly worthy of the “expert” label.

First and foremost, Dr. Firouz treats every patient like family. Nothing is more important to him than his patients comfort and the satisfaction of his end result. I don’t praise many people however I truly believe he is worth it for giving me an unforgettable experience and result. He listens to what you want however gives his expertise input as needed. He knew exactly what I wanted as my overall look and I can say I achieved it!

I would 100% recommend Dr. Firouz if you want a caring, attentive and truthful Dr. who will give you the time and attention you are looking for. I am absolutely in love with my results and will return one day for another procedure as needed.
Thank you Dr. Firouz and the beautiful Annie for your assistance!

Krisss M. (As seen on Yelp)

I am 1 week post op and I am so pleased and happy I chose Dr Firouz. Dr Firouz is a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills and performed liposuction on my flanks, inner and outer thighs, a breast revision and also full breast lift. I couldn’t be happier with the results! I had other consultations with a “reputable”, well known surgeon who is often on TV, ut had heard and read horror stories about him. This other surgeon also only spent about 3 minutes with me and prided himself on speed in the operating room.

I immediately knew Dr Firouz was the perfect choice for me once I met him and his wonderful assistant. He has a warm bedside manner, is very caring, takes the time to answer all your questions and listens to exactly what you want. He is very honest with the outcome and your expectiation. His prices were very reasonable and he will not perform unneccesary procedures on you just to get a buck. I also chose him because of the pictures I saw of the breast lifts he had previously performed. I was very worried about the aweful anchor scars that come with a breast lift, but you could hardly see any of the scars on his patients. He takes his time in the O.R., putting an excessive amount of care, precision, and skill into his work, to make sure the results are incredible, and the closures are perfect which enables better results and diminished scarring. His office manager Annie is a wonderful asset to his team and very knowledgable and helpful.

Dr. Firouz held my hand as the anesthesia was administered and was the first person I saw when I awoke. He and his assistant called or texted me the first three days after surgery to see how I was and they were very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had post-op. The personal touch offered by Dr Firouz and his staff, especially post-surgery, confirmed the care he has for his patients. He is a wonderfully skilled surgeon and geniunely likes to HELP his patients obtain the look they want, and does not see them as a $$$ sign. I will definitely return to him for any future procedures and have already sent friends and family to him for their consultations.

Kim K. (As seen on Yelp)

I did my research, but knew Dr. Firouz was the surgeon for me once I met him. From day one, he put me at ease, listened attentively, answered all my questions, and guided me through the options and process. He and his assistant, Annie, were completely hands-on in helping me prepare for the surgery.

Surgery day was seamless and I was in & out without troubles. The surgery center was clean and the staff friendly. I was fortunate to have a relatively quick recovery considering the extent of my surgery, but I attribute that, in part, to the expert quality with which Dr. Firouz performs his work. I was also impressed that HE personally called me later that day to check on my recovery. It has now been 3 months since the big day and the level of follow-up care has continued to be phenomenal. And it is all included in the cost – no surprise add-ons!

Most importantly, I couldn’t be more pleased with his work. Dr. Firouz is a Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills  that truly created art from a difficult canvas, and I got exactly what I was looking for. I don’t have plans for any additional surgeries at this point in time, but you sure as heck can bet that I will return to Dr. Firouz when the time comes.

If you’re on the fence with selecting a doctor, I encourage you to call his office. They will make it worth your time.

Brandy L. (As seen on Yelp)

Only two months ago, Dr. Jimmy Firouz preformed a breast augmentation on me, and I could not be more ecstatic with the entire process!

Let me begin that before meeting Dr. Firouz, I had never undergone surgery, so I was very nervous and hesitant about putting myself out there and actually following through with the surgery that I had been wanting of years. I came to a point where it was now or never and I decided to go for it. After careful research and meeting with a few doctors, I was left with the feeling that every doctor offered the same thing and it was just a matter of price and surgery date options. That is, until I met Dr. Firouz and his consultant Annie.

First off, both Annie and Dr. Firouz came in two hours earlier than they open for my consultation in order to work with my busy schedule. Second, as soon as I met both of them, I felt so comfortable as if we had been friends for years. The two proved to be very professional, truthful, and most important, knowledgeable. I knew right away that I wanted Dr. Firouz  to perform my surgery. Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

During the time between my consultation and surgery date, I had met with Dr. Firouz and Annie many times to go over everything and they answered every question I had to its last detail. This made me more and more confident and glad about my decision in choosing Dr. Firouz! On the surgery date, Dr. Firouz’s team was so accommodating and made me feel very calm. Literally minutes before I was taken into the surgery room, Dr. Firouz came in to give a few words. I cannot explain how much seeing him topped off my confidence that I knew the surgery was going to go perfectly and that I could not have picked a better surgeon. Any last jitters I had, had gone away!

Now two months later, I can truthfully say that choosing Dr. Firouz was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Recovery was smooth and both Dr. Firouz and Annie were there to watch my progress and address any of my concerns.

And, now, I love my look! Dr. Firouz gave me something that my mother wasn’t able to!!!! I definitely plan to come back to him in the future. You don’t mess with a good thing!! And I very highly recommend him to anyone looking to have a procedure. Dr. Firouz and Annie are great!

J.M. (As seen on Yelp)

I came to Dr. Firouz for an abdominoplasty, breast lift and augmentation, 15 years after having the same surgery with a different doctor. I could not be any happier with the results and it has only been three weeks! Dr. Firouz is a doctor and an artist. From my first consultation he has been amazing – he listens carefully to what I want, is honest about what is possible and is always available to answer questions. Annie, his assistant, is also incredible, knowledgeable, warm and friendly. I feel like family when I am here. Only 3 weeks post surgery and my self confidence has increased immeasurably. Thanks to the skill and artistry of Dr. Firouz and his warm and welcoming staff.

G.K. (As seen on Yelp)

Dr. Jimmy Firouz, is so caring, honest, and is really interested in meeting the needs an desires of the patient.

The first procedure done my Dr. Firouz, was my breast augmentation, i am very thin as was very concerned with looking ridiculous, so when looking for a doctor I wanted to find someone who really understood my degree of moderation, and i found him. Dr. Firouz, knew exactly what i wanted and he understands the importance of looking aesthetically well proportioned :) I love the compliments i get on my new enhanced breast and how a lot of my colleagues can’t tell, which is wonderful, since i like to dress very conservative for work. But when I go out with dancing I can show off my new look….. I couldn’t be happier with the results!!

I’ve also had rhinoplasty … i was very concerned with this procedure but doctor Firouz was very sweet and understanding and made me feel very comfortable, after the first procedure i knew i was in good hands and had nothing to worry about, everyone compliments my nose, they say they can tell the difference but at the same time those that don’t know me would think that I’ve never had a nose job :) which is fabulous, since it is an indication that it was a very moderate and well done job. :)

Lastly, i would love to comment and the AMAZING, customer service Annie is exceptional at what she does, she is very sweet, caring, and always available to work with ones busy schedule!!!

I am very grateful to have found Dr. Firouz and highly recommend him!

V.M. (As seen on Yelp)

Dr. Firouz, I just wanted to tell you how delighted I am with my results. You have given me the body I had always wanted. Honestly, I still can’t believe my eyes each time I see myself in the mirror. I am in awe, looking at this figure that I had only dreamed about. And to think its still going to get better after the swelling goes down, wow! :) I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from friends and family and each time I get a comment I immediately think how its all because of YOU.

I thank God so much and I feel so blessed to have been referred to you. Meeting with you was the one of the best things that ever happened to me. From the moment I walked into your office I got this positive vibe, and something was already telling me I was at the right place. You are such an amazing surgeon and you completely won me over with your attentiveness and dedication during my consultation. You bedside manner is simply astounding. You made me feel so comfortable throughout every single step and you’ve made me feel like I matter as a patient and not as just another business deal. You are the epitome of what a real, true, professional surgeon is. You are absolutely phenomenal!!!

For that and more I want to thank you. Thank you for the remarkable job you did on me. Thank you for being so caring, so marvelous, and so awesome! From the bottom of my heart I truly thank you. Words can’t explain how much gratitude I have towards you.

I am convinced you are my plastic surgeon for life! ? You are definitely the person I will be going to for any of my aesthetic needs in the future.


I recently had breast augmentation and my lips enhanced and I’ve never been so content with anything in my life. It’s like unwrapping a new pair of Jimmy Choo’s everytime I look in the mirror. Dr. Firouz’s hands are light as air and his bedside manner is superb. He’s as talented a Dr. as he is a wonderful person. His staff are also amazing, friendly, and knowledgeable and willing to help at any time. I wish I could come back for more but he did such a good job I won’t have to. I recommend him to everyone.


You’re in great hands with Dr. Firouz… The moment I stepped in the door, I knew this was where I wanted to get my BA done. The receptionist Melissa is warm and welcoming and had me start looking over information as soon as I stepped in. I then met with Dr. Firouz. He greeted me with a smile and made me feel extremely comfortable as soon as I met him. I explained to him I wanted to go from an “A” to a “C” and he agreed that it would fit my body perfectly. He told me how everything works from the good to the bad and left no room for BS. I then had my questions (which everyone does) and he answered every single one without making me feel dumb or rushed. He even wanted me to ask more. He really is the type of Dr. that wants to build a relationship and make sure you’re comfortable because after all— You are his walking art. I loved him so much and felt so comfortable that I scheduled my appointment 4 DAYS LATER… ha.. I then met with Annie (who is also amazing and very knowledgeable) and talked financing and any other questions I had.

Surgery day came and I was EXTREMELY nervous, but Dr. Firouz met with me before I went with the anesthesiologist and calmed my nerves. He answered more questions and made sure I was ready before they put me under, he even held my hand! The surgery went great and he was the second person I saw after I woke up (the nurse being the first).

I am 3 weeks post-op and am SO happy with my results. I recently had a little accident and tore a muscle in my left breast… It started hurting pretty badly and I texted Annie (she always answers her patients texts, whatever time it is) to see if I should come in… Needless to say Dr. Firouz just left that morning for a family emergency!… I was so nervous and didn’t know what to do, but Annie got ahold of Dr. Firouz and he reported that it was nothing to worry about. He answered my question while he was at the hospital- NOW THAT’S SERVICE…

Dr. Firouz is an amazing doctor and I would recommend him to anyone thinking about changing their appearance. Thank you so much Dr. Firouz!

Allie K. (As seen on Yelp)

Dear Dr. Firouz, After extensive search and research of plastic surgeons in L.A. and looking up every plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, I found you, and I could not be happier and more satisfied with my facelift results. You have the hands of gold, the care of an angel, and the aesthetics and talent of a Michelangelo.


My experience with Dr. Firouz was GREAT! He was extremely informative and helpful in explaining the process of my breast augmentation surgery. My surgical outcome was amazing. Everyone in Dr. Firouz’s team was extremely nice and always took excellent care of me. I’m actually planning on having Dr. Firouz perform my rhinoplasty. I highly recommend Dr. Firouz and his team of experts.


After waiting 10 plus years for a breast augmentation I FINALLY did it a year ago!!!! And I chose Dr. Firouz after many, many consultations!!! ….and I could not be happier!!! I knew what kind of look I desired, and after meeting with Dr. Firouz and his staff I felt confident I would get exactly what I wanted. I went from a 36B to a 36D. I now fill out all those sexy dresses and tops I own without having to buy a “special” bra!!!! I can go without a bra if I choose for the first time in my life!!!!
In regards to the staff at Dr. Firouz’s office….AWESOME!!!! From the office personnel, nurses and anesthesiologist I knew I was in the BEST of hands!!!

Thank you Dr. Firouz and your staff for a great experience,

From a VERY SATISFIED and HAPPY patient :)


From the initial consultation, to the day of my surgery, to each follow-up visit, Dr. Firouz and all of his staff were simply amazing!! My breast augmentation required more than the typical procedure, but Dr. Firouz’s work still resulted in a masterpiece. I will always use Dr. Firouz for all my cosmetic surgery needs and will recommend him to anyone I can! Thank you, Dr. Firouz, for making me feel like I was your only patient, and of course, for my absolutely beautiful breasts!!

Jenn B.

After years of wanting breast augmentation, I finally decided to take up a friend’s suggestion, and arranged a consultation with Dr. Firouz, a surgeon in Beverly Hills. I originally came in for Botox, juvederm, and Latisse, and after feeling comfortable, discussed wanting a breast augmentation. Dr. Firouz was VERY patient, and answered all my questions, no matter how reduculous I thought they were! I could immediately tell that he was very knowlegeable about all the procedures I discussed with him, and he made me feel at ease. After seeing the results of the juvederm and Botox procedures, I knew he was the right doctor for me. My results were natural, beautiful, and “tastefully done.” Soon after, I booked my breast augmentation surgery. Thanks to Dr. Firouz’s patience, kindness, and impeccable bed side manner, I felt 100% comfortable and confident about the surgery I was about to have done.

I didn’t believe him when he said I would only have pain for four days following my surgery, but to my amazement he was right! I am a professional performer, so recovery time is very important to me- I was able to start performing ten days after my surgery… amazing. I’ve had several friends who have had “work” done in Beverly Hills, and most of them have told me negative reviews of their experiences. I am very satisfied with my decision in choosing Dr. Firouz. My breasts look beautiful and natural, and I have received so many compliments. I will definitely be returning to Dr. Firouz in the future! Thank you to Dr. Firouz, Annie, and all the staff for your help, artistry, and professionalism!

Anna G. (As seen on Yelp)

After reading the reviews for Dr. Firouz on Yelp, I decided to go in for a consultation regarding breast augmentation. It was my first consultation and he made me feel completely comfortable and answered my list of questions no matter how stupid they were. After the consultation, I was practically an expert on the surgery! Of course, I went to a couple of other doctors for a consultation which completely assured me that Dr. Firouz was the best surgeon for the job.

Now that is has been two months since I had the procedure, I can say that I am completely happy with my results! He listened to what I wanted and gave me exactly that. I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon! Dr. Firouz and his consultant Annie (who is also completely amazing) made my whole experience a breeze!

C.S. (As seen on Yelp)

As a physician, I am always on the lookout for a well-trained, focused, caring and concerned fellow medical doctor to refer my patients, friends, family, and myself.

I am delighted to say that I found all of these sought after but rarely found characteristics in Dr. Jimmy Firouz when I was fortunate enough to be referred to him.

I can say with confidence that Dr. Firouz exemplifies the artistry and compassion that we are all looking for when we have a medical concern that involves plastic surgery.

Thank you so much Dr. Firouz!

M.S., MD

Dr. Firouz is the most talented, artistic and caring Plastic Surgeon. He really pays a lot attention to detail and what the patient wants. He reads the vision of a potential patient and then delivers exactly what they wanted.

He did my BOTOX and Juvederm (to fill my lips). I am only 27 years old and the last thing I wanted was for anyone to notice that I had anything done to my face. My best friends cannot even tell that I had anything done. He is so conservative but he was able to perfect what I didn’t think was perfect on my face and it left me feeling confident that I will always get any future work done by him.


I started flirting with the idea of breast augmentation 5 years ago. I started doing my research, went on a few consultations and didn’t meet anyone I felt comfortable with. Seriously…it felt like online dating. I struck out and didn’t meet “The One.” Five years later, I STILL REALLY wanted to get the procedure done. The second I met Dr. Firouz I knew that I was in good hands. He’s very knowledgable, understood exactly what I wanted and is a total perfectionist (something you want in a surgeon!) Both Dr. Firouz and Annie made me feel so comfortable throughout the process. I had a ton of anxiety right before I went in for surgery and Dr. Firouz did a fantastic job at calming me down. Naturally, the first day I was in a considerable amount of pain and slept most of the day (Dr. Firouz called to check in…also a huge plus.) I saw him the next day and although I was still swollen, I was not in NEARLY as much pain as I expected to be. Not only that, but he took the bandages off and even though I was swollen, everything looked great. I brought a friend along that had the same procedure done by a different doctor and she said mine looked much better after surgery than hers did (she prepared me for the worst before going in.) If you’re thinking about getting breast augmentation, look no further than Dr. Firouz, plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. He won’t leave you disappointed…

Lauryn S. (As seen on Yelp)

Dr. Firouz is an amazing surgeon! He genuinely cares about your thoughts and concern and how you look over all i had a great experience. The staff is great, very friendly and there when you need them! Surgery went great overall I would reccomend Dr. Firouz to anyone. I had BA and i’m very happy so far a month post op and they look great !

JL (As seen on Yelp)

Such a good Doctor! By far more thorough and patient than any other doctor I’ve ever met. He took his time and made sure I had no issues or unanswered questions. Anything from Botox to a breast aug, he treats the same. Great, professional experience with him, his entire staff, and his gorgeous facility. I would recommend him to anyone!!!!!


Brooke R. (As seen on Yelp)

I actually found Dr. Firouz on yelp, and I am happy I did. I was worried he wouldnt live up to the hype but he definitely did. He is extremely knowledgable and personable. He was very caring, and made me feel extremely comfortable in his beautiful office. He didnt try to sell me anything, and was truly honest. I will definitely be back again and again for my cosmetic needs!
Jazmine F. (As seen on Yelp)
Thank you Dr. Firouz! I love my new breasts! You’re the best!


Thank you, Dr. Firouz…

I really appreciate the tremendous care and attention I received from you. From my first consultation, and all the way through: I felt that you and your support staff (including Laurie and Annie) were exceptionally thoughtful, professional, purposeful and kind.

Can’t ask for more than that!



I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Firouz and his office. He did a beautiful job. His staff is friendly and efficient and if one has to have surgery, it couldn’t have been any better.


My experience with Jimmy Firouz was one pleasant time. From my first visit, the girls in the front were welcoming and sweet and the nurses were equally as nice and understanding. Dr. Firouz – from the get go – was all business but very friendly and concerned. My surgery was a skin cancer on my arm and it was never painful – handled with great precision and care. The scar is invisible now. I cannot say enough about Dr. Firouz as a plastic surgeon. I would recommend him to all my friends and family. He is excellent!


If you are considering getting a cosmetic procedure done you would be a fool to go anywhere else! Dr. Firouz is a talented surgeon! He delivers natural and beautiful results. I am a very picky individual, so naturally I am hard to please, however Dr. Firouz delivered results that exceeded my expectations. He is a perfectionist and the results show! I’ve been to other doctors who rushed me and did not take their time. Dr. Firouz, on the other hand, took his time to answer all my questions and explained the process thoroughly. He addressed all of my concerns. Not only that, he was very welcoming and personable. Most other doctors I had met with had an attitude or just wanted to get the job done and rush me out. Dr. Firouz was the most friendliest and made me feel at ease. I was very scared of getting the procedure done at first, but when I was done I was more than happy with the results. He uses the latest methods which minimize discomfort and give beautiful results. I was afraid of getting my lips done due to the pain involved and also was scared of looking like a fish. However Dr. Firouz was very gentle and I barely felt a thing. No one can tell I had anything done. My lips look amazing. Very natural but fuller than before. I now have the lips I have always dreamed of. The staff is also very helpful.I don’t think I have received better service anywhere else ever!

N.N. (As seen on Yelp)

I believe Dr. Firouz is invaluable member in your body transformation. Dr. Firouz combines art, an individualized plan, professionalism and expertise to his work, which adapts best to his patients indvidualized plans. I had 3 procedures done at once (tummy-tuck, lipo and breast implants) to obtain my pre-body baby figure back. Getting 3 procedures done at once; these circumstances, which would be overwhelming to most, made Dr. Firouz more focused and engaged in attaining my individual goals. Thus, he was an active participate in transforming my body to my ideal. I take surgery very seriously and because of this, I did extensive research on multiple surgeons, as well as educate my self to the best of my ability. Armed with the education and knowledge of the procedures, Dr. Firouz provided me with information and more knowledge that helped me make a wise and informed life decision. Dr. Firouz is an artist and helps you in finding the perfect balance of what you want and what looks good just for you. Dr. Firouz is an expert cosmetic surgeon in every sense of the word. In particular, his strength is his PERFECTION and his ability to know what works with your unique body type, achieving exactly what you want.
I observed Dr. Firouz frequently employing both his professional and creative skills during my consultation. Dr. Firouz, quite frankly, was invaluable to attaining my ideal body figure, transcending the boundaries of even my own expectations.

Dr. Firouz is someone who is more than cosmetically & surgically competent- but extremely skilled and motivated to genuinely serve his patient’s individual needs. He approaches his work with the same level compassion, openess, and commitment that brings you close to your ideal body figure, in which is an essential feature in finding the perfect cosmetic doctor. As aforementioned, I researched multiple doctors, and so I would like you to understand that this is indeed, an extremely strong recommendation for Dr. Firouz, as he has stood out from the rest. It’s my privilege to give Dr. Firouz my highest recommendation and truly- it would be an absolute asset in your body transformation. Dr. Firouz is definitely indispensable at what he does.

Sula P. (As seen on Yelp)

I HIGHLY recommend the Dr Firouz and his team (Annie particularly) for their amazing professionalism and know-how! I went to see Dr Firouz for the first time and he was SO thourough and clarified EVERY question to perfection. When needed, I came back for “touch up” and was so pleased with the level of service I was given. If I ever need any services in the future, I will make the drive to BH just for this team. :)


Dr. Firouz and his coordinator Annie are uber-professional and a great team for a first time patient. I got Botox for the first time from Dr. Firouz in August and was afraid I’d look like a Beverly Hills freak. They assured me it would look perfectly natural and it really did. No one had any idea that I got Botox. It was painless and it lasted a good 4 and 1/2 months. My forehead was smooth and my brow lines were definitely minimized. I would highly recommend Dr. Firouz to any of my friends and I will definitely be going back to him again.


I truly recommend Dr. Firouz to any of my friends, family and clients.
Received the full experience of every client and patient should receive and the staff was %100 amazing!!!! after my first visit I had recommended a few of my girlfriends the same day :)


My experience with my surgery with Dr. Firouz was amazing! He was very helpful with what I wanted. He helped me with my confidence. His staff was very nice and welcoming. I’m extremely happy with the ending results.



Dr. Firouz is an amazing Doctor. He is personable and easy to talk to. His work is amazing. I had no complicationsand love the results. I would recommend him to anybody.

Jodi H. (As seen on Yelp)

The experience I had while under the care of Dr. Firouz and his team was amazing! He really cares about his patients and took his time while meeting with me instead of rushing out the door to see another patient.

His staff is also really great! They are friendly, professional, and compassionate. I highly recommend Dr. Firouz for all surgical/beauty enhancing procedures. He’s the BEST!

L.R. (As seen on Yelp)

Dr. Firouz was professional, attentive and knows what he’s doing! A wonderful doctor. I had beautiful results!


I went to Dr. Firouz to get Botox for the first time and he was fantastic. My girlfriend came with me to have some done and we were both treated extremely well by the staff and Dr. Firouz is an extremely friendly person who made the experience absolutely painless. I would not hesitate in referring someone to him and I will be back in the future.


Hi Doctor Firouz! My lips are perfect!…
Thank you so much for making my experience relaxing, interesting, and beyond satisfactory results. You have a client for life.


Dr. Firouz! Thank you so much for my beautiful lips! I love them. You are a remarkable doctor & I will make sure that all my friends know it. Thanks



Oh my God! My lips look so good! You are a magician! Thank you so much for everything Dr. Firouz!



I truly recommend Dr. Firouz to any of my friends, family and clients.
Received the full experience of every client and patient should receive and the staff was %100 amazing!!!! after my first visit I had recommended a few of my girlfriends the same day :)


Mellissa B. (As seen on Yelp)

Wow, when he said he had a light touch he wasn’t kidding! I just had some botox done by Dr. Firouz and he was awesome. So friendly! Not the demeanor I normally expect from doctors. It’s great to meet a doctor who is so enthusiastic and open about his work!



As always you made my lips amazing! That’s why me and the girls only trust you to work your magic and make us look hot! You are the best Dr. Firouz! See you sooner than later!


I was introduced to Dr. Firouz through Bloomspot, they had a Latisse deal and I decided to go check it out. I’m glad I did. Dr. Firouz is very friendly and kind, he’s willing to answer any questions you have about the product he’s prescribing to you and is honest about the side effects you might have, carefully explaining what you should do to either prevent them or get rid of them. Also, he did not try to push me into getting any other procedure like most doctors in that field do, specially the Beverly Hills ones.
When I decide to get some work done on myself, I will definitely go back there!


Dr. Firouz, my lips have never looked better! I’ve been having fillers injected into my lips for years and never knew they could look so fabulous!! I’m constantly getting compliments on how wonderful and natural they look! Thank you!


Dr. Firouz made me feel very comfortable. The experience overall was great.



I was so happy with my whole experience. I would recommend Dr. Firouz to


Dr. Firouz has great bedside manner.


Dr. Firouz was very friendly and patient. He made me feel at ease. Thank you.


The whole team works well together to provide great service as I would love to come back.”


Dr Firouz himself, his professionalism and his mission to ultimately make the
patient happy. He seems to strive for patient satisfaction instead of for personal

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