Perks of Breast Augmentation Surgery

What are the perks of breast enhancement or augmentation surgery? The opportunity to correct the size of your breasts (if one breast is larger or smaller than the other), create proportionality to the rest of the body, go up a cup size or two, or three, and create an attractively, appealing chest.

Breast augmentation surgery is a highly popular procedure in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Our patients quite enjoy their results. Many of our patients opt to undergo a breast augmentation procedure post-partum after breastfeeding or becoming a new mom and experiencing deflated breasts. Many of our patients opt to undergo corrective breast augmentation surgery to replace old and defective implants that have disintegrated in the body.

At Firouz Institute, we use only the highest industry standard implants and our team of professionals is alongside you every step of the way. From consultation, to post-surgery recovery, be sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions for aftercare and to prevent infection.