Facial Enhancement Cosmetic Procedures with Surgery

If you are looking for long term results and natural, yet noticeable cosmetic improvements to certain facial features such as the chin, forehead, lips, cheeks, ears, nose or neck, you should consider a procedure with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Jimmy Firouz has extensive training, experience and first-hand knowledge of how to maximize the desired results for his patients while knowing the risks and rewards of making certain changes.

Many ladies and men are interested in slight changes to the nose to make it more proportional or symmetrical, in essence creating an appearance of balance to the rest of the face. The “nose job” or rhinoplasty procedure is still one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries opted for. Since a broken bone or bump or uneven bridge may be leading to dissatisfaction, Dr. Firouz is capable of reshaping the nose precisely to repair and adjust the imbalance.

Other cosmetic facial procedures our practice offers include a neck lift for sagging or excess skin on the neck, fat transfer to add volume, a facelift, chin augmentation and ear surgery. Contact our Beverly Hills office to schedule your initial consultation with plastic surgeon expert and specialist, Dr. Firouz.