Similarities Between a Thigh Lift and Brazilian Butt Lift

A thigh lift is a surgical procedure that removes extra skin fat to help a person achieve a more attractive physique. Many people who have lost skin elasticity in this region due to age or dramatic weight loss and are still in good health and physical shape often benefit most from a thigh lift. A brazilian butt lift is a surgical buttock augmentation that increases volume and can yield great results.

What Is Involved During a Thigh Lift and Brazilian Butt Lift

Most thigh and buttocks lifts are performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia unless a surgeon suggests otherwise. There are several surgical options that are appropriate for people who have different body types. Surgical incisions can be made to suit the desired shape that the patient is trying to achieve. Generally speaking, short incisions can be made for inner thigh lifts while longer incisions will be necessary for all thigh and buttocks skin to be lifted. Depending on the specific procedure, incisions may be made at the crease of the buttocks and thigh/groin juncture as well as over the sides of the abdomen and lower back. A patient who chooses lateral and anterior thigh lift surgery can have each procedure performed separately.

Results after Surgery

Many people notice a remarkable improvement in their contours and the regularity of their skin surface in the thigh and buttocks region following either of these procedures (which can also be combined and performed simultaneously by the surgeon in one operation). Sagging skin is often eliminated entirely to reveal a tighter thigh and buttocks area. Recovery time after surgery is usually two to three weeks.

Dr. Jimmy Firouz, a Beverly Hills cosmetic plastic surgeon, can assist patients who wish to undergo a thigh lift or brazilian butt lift surgery/enhancement and recommend the best option depending on their desired goals and needs.