Plastic Surgery Options for Men in Los Angeles

In the United States, both men and women desire and utilize the cosmetic and functional benefits plastic surgery brings. With Dr. Jimmy Firouz, a Beverly Hills board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, his male patients are impressed with the results of various cosmetic procedures and the preservation of manliness and masculine features that is accomplished by Dr. Firouz.

What Types of Cosmetic Surgery are Suitable for Men?

Many plastic surgery procedures are available to men in Beverly Hills looking for a cosmetic enhancement, improvement or specific change in mind. For example, these include Botox, facial fillers, liposuction, chin and face implants. In addition, men can seek a breast reduction procedure known as a Gynecomastia surgery. Facelifts and neck lifts are also popular with our male clients. They know these cosmetic enhancements are not exclusive to women.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Firouz Preserves His Male Patients’ Masculinity with Plastic Surgery

During Botox, a toxin is injected into the targeted area to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Since proper placement of the injection is crucial in creating a healthy balance and look to your skin, Dr. Firouz places the injection in areas of the face that ensure the preservation of manliness and masculine features for his male clients. Symmetry, proportion and natural results are sought and delivered.
As with liposuction, facelifts, neck lifts, breast reduction, facial implants and chin implants, our clients see the carefully crafted and meticulous precision in Dr. Firouz’s plastic surgery work. Contact our Beverly Hills office to learn more about your options for cosmetic plastic surgery.