What Can Be Enhanced with Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery does not only mean increasing the size of one’s breasts or going up from one cup size to the next. It also means that the shape of your breasts can be enhanced proportionally and with full volume. Of course, one would need to desire bigger or larger breasts to opt for this breast augmentation procedure. You can discuss your options and desired goals with plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jimmy Firouz. With years of experience and education, he is double board-certified as a highly sought-after surgeon.

If due to an illness or injury, the breasts need to be reconstructed but you wish to also increase the size and modify the cosmetic appearance of your breasts, Dr. Jimmy Firouz can usually accomplish both things in one procedure minus complications. This saves you time and only requires you to go through one surgical recovery as opposed to two or several due to multiple surgeries.
Breasts can be augmented slightly and do not need to go up 5 cup sizes to be considered a good “boob job.” Call our office today to learn more about our approach, work and team of professionals at your service for a breast augmentation procedure. Our offices are conveniently located in Beverly Hills.