What Is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Large, pendulous breasts can lead to neck and back pain, make certain physical activities difficult, and even lead to emotional anxiety. A mammoplasty, commonly referred to as a breast reduction, is a surgical procedure that can make the breasts smaller, firmer, and lighter. During a breast reduction, excess fat, skin, and tissue are removed from the breasts, which alleviates pain and makes the breasts appear more proportionate to one’s body size.

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Breast Reduction Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Double board-certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Firouz can help you achieve the breast reduction surgery results that you are looking for. He understands that each patient is unique and has a different view of what they want their breasts to look like. During your initial consultation, the surgeon will explain the breast reduction surgery process, what preparations need to be made as well as post-operative care instructions.

Reasons for Undergoing Mammoplasty

Each woman has her own reasons for wanting to reduce the size of her breasts. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Firouz may determine that a breast reduction is appropriate in cases where the woman is experiencing:

  1. breast sagging caused by large breast size;
  2. neck, shoulder, or back pain;
  3. difficulty participating in physical activities;
  4. painful marks from bra straps; or
  5. breasts that are out of proportion to their body size.

What to Expect During Mammoplasty Surgery

Based on the patient’s situation and desired goals, the specific breast reduction technique may vary. For example, it may consist of surgical excision alone or in combination with liposuction where beneficial to the patient and dependent on her body type. To determine the most appropriate technique, the surgeon will consider the composition of the patient’s breasts as well as the desired amount of breast reduction. In most cases, an incision will be made around the areola that will extend to underneath the curve of the breast. Once the excess tissue, skin, and fat are removed, the areola and nipple are repositioned and secured in place with sutures. The results of the breast reduction are noticeable almost immediately following surgery. As a result, patients enjoy a more proportionate body, less physical discomfort, and increased self-esteem.

Recovery After Mammoplasty Procedure

Complications following breast reduction surgery are unusual; however, it is important to follow the surgeon’s post-surgical instructions closely to ensure proper healing and to minimize the possibility of any problems or complications. Patients are encouraged to rest as much as possible following the procedure and to limit their physical movement to prevent damage to the incisions. Immediately following the surgery, the breasts will be heavily bandaged to promote healing and limit breast movement. Once the incisions are healed, the bandages can be removed. At this point, patients typically wear a prescription surgical bra for several weeks to provide additional support as the breast tissue continues to heal. Minor discomfort and bruising are normal following any surgical procedure. In most cases, any discomfort is easily managed with over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers.

Women considering a breast reduction should consult with an experienced plastic surgeon before deciding to proceed with the procedure. Beverly Hills breast reduction surgeon Dr. Firouz’s experience and expertise allows him to select the right surgical option for each patient’s unique needs. With the right mammoplasty process, patients are able to enjoy less discomfort and a better quality of life.

To learn more about breast reduction surgery, please contact our office for a consultation today at 310-274-4321.

Breast Reduction Procedure Before and After Pictures

Below are some of our patients before and after breast reduction surgery with Dr. Firouz. To see more patients, visit our Breast Reduction Before & After Gallery.








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Beverly Hills Breast Reduction Surgery FAQs

Dr. Firouz understands that every patient has questions and concerns that need to be addressed regarding their potential Beverly Hills breast reduction surgery. Listed below, please find the questions that we hear most often regarding breast reduction, breast augmentation, and breast lift. If you have any additional questions that aren’t answered on this website, please contact Dr. Firouz today. He will be happy to discuss your every concern with you during your initial consult regarding breast reduction at his Beverly Hills office.

A: Yes, breast reduction surgery is considered permanent. However, should the patient gain weight or become pregnant, it is possible for swelling and sagging to occur again.

A: If you have ever felt self conscious about the way your breasts look or make you feel, it’s possible that you would be a great candidate for breast reduction surgery. Another reason for choosing breast reduction surgery is to alleviate health issues such as back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain.

A: Dr. Firouz performs breast reduction surgery under local anesthesia, so the surgery itself isn’t painful. After breast reduction surgery, a patient may feel some discomfort. Bruising and swelling may occur after your surgery, but should go away within a week.

A: The price of breast reduction surgery varies from patient to patient. During your initial consult with Dr. Firouz, pricing will be discussed. There are various financing options that may help you pay for your breast reduction, as well as checking with your insurance company to see if any portion of it will be covered.

A: In just a few weeks following your surgery, the swelling and bruising should subside. In the coming months, your breasts will begin to look even better.

A: A board certified plastic surgeon or reconstructive plastic surgeon is always the best choice to perform any breast reduction surgery. Dr. Jimmy Firouz is a Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon, specializing in breast reduction procedures.

A: It’s possible to return to your normal activities in just a couple of weeks. However, each patient is different, and depending on how your body reacts to the surgery will determine how soon you can begin to participate in your daily life activities. It’s always important to get plenty of rest following your surgery.


A: Generally, patients experience mild discomfort following their surgery. It’s completely normal for swelling and bruising to occur after your breast reduction. If you’re experiencing any extraordinary symptoms, it’s important to contact your surgeon to assure that everything is going as planned.

A: As with any surgical procedure, scarring is likely to occur. However, Dr. Firouz is an expert at performing breast reductions in Beverly Hills. His extensive background in breast augmentation procedures leaves his patients with minimal scarring. Dr. Firouz does all he can to eliminate potential scarring for patients.

A: While it is possible to undergo both surgeries at the same time, it’s also possible to have the surgeries completed in stages–one before the other. If you’re considering both a Beverly Hills breast lift and a Beverly Hills breast reduction, Dr. Firouz will sit down with you to discuss your options and the best way to go about achieving your desired look.