Liposuction for the Calves and Ankles

What are the benefits of removing unwanted fat from your calves and ankles by liposuction? This procedure is cosmetic and intended to add definition to the calves, as well as tone, shape and contour the lower leg with precision. Patients who opt for this procedure are also interested in removing the fat around the ankles, typically called cankles. Liposuction is performed by removing fatty deposits from incisions on the skin through a cannula. This creates a tapered, slimming look of the lower leg in perfect harmony with the ankles, thighs and upper legs. Dr. Jimmy Firouz, a board-certified plastic surgeon, with years of expertise can perform this delicate surgical procedure with skill. Dr. Firouz also performs other complex plastic surgeries on the face and body including breast augmentation, facelift, tummy tuck and more.

There will be some downtime or recovery period. Compression stockings may be required to maximize the cosmetic results of the procedure. One common side effect is swelling that may take time to subside. Achieve the toned legs and calves you have always dreamed of that genetics and diet have hindered.

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