Fat Transfer Surgery or Fat Grafting

The normal aging process involves the loss of body fat in some areas, mainly in the face on the cheeks, below the eyes, and the lip area. Over time, this fat loss can lead to an aged, deflated appearance with sunken eyes and thin lips with lines.

Autologous Fat transplantation, also known as micro-lipoinjection or fat transfer, is a popular alternative to other injectable line treatments.

The patient’s own fat is used to plump up features. Fat transfer is a safe, natural, non-allergenic technique.

When is a Fat Transfer Performed

Click here to learn more about fat grafting and fat transfer surgery and when this procedure is performed on the face or areas of the body, as well as the recovery process post surgery.

Fat Transfer’s Efficacy

  • Little pain or discomfort
  • Short recovery time
  • Minimal risks
  • Has long lasting results
  • No chance of allergic reaction

Learn more about the benefits of the fat transfer procedure with Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Firouz.

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