Dr. Jimmy Firouz, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, frequently answers questions on RealSelf.com. We wanted to share some of the questions patients have asked that Dr. Firouz has answered here on our site for you. Below are some of Mommy Makeover FAQs. If you have any additional questions, feel free to call us at 310.274.4321!

Q: Recommendations on tummy tuck and breast reduction done at same time?

A: Combining a tummy tuck with a breast reduction into one surgery is very common in my practice. These two procedures are often a very nice complement to each other and provide patients with stunning results.  It is safe to have both of these procedures performed at the same time by a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in these types of surgeries. With that said, every patient is unique and should be properly evaluated by the surgeon to make sure she is a candidate and healthy enough to undergo both procedures at the same time.


Q: Will I get good results from a Mommy makeover?

Having breast augmentation, tummy tuck and Lopo to flanks. Do you think I will get good results?

A: In order to give you the best answer possible, it is important you consult in person with a board certified plastic surgeon with a lot of experience in Mommy Makeover procedures. From this one picture, it does appear that you are a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover, but I would want to examine you in person to give you the best advice possible. Combining a tummy tuck and liposuction can give you a much more slender appearance, while the breast augmentation with or without a lift (to be determined during an in-person consultation) will enhance your chest. Good luck!


Q: Is it possible to have a breast reduction, tummy tuck and BBL within a 3-4 month time period?

I would like to have a breast reduction/tummy tuck done in August and the BBL as soon as possible, preferably in October. Is this possible? If not, in which order?

A: It is possible to have all of the procedures you mentioned (breast reduction, tummy tuck, BBL) within a few months time period, or even possibly all at the same time, if the patient is a good candidate. However, I definitely do not think you should have all of these procedures combined into one surgery; it would be too much surgery for you. After looking at your pictures, I would definitely recommend having your breast reduction as stage 1 and then the Brazilian butt lift as stage 2 or in combination with the tummy tuck, as long as you are in good health. If need be, the tummy tuck can be performed as the last stage of surgery. All of this can be achieved within a 4 month period. At my practice I treat each patient individually and always work closely with them to create the best surgical plan for their needs. It is very important to feel that trust and individual attention with your plastic surgeon so that you get the best results possible. Best of luck!


Q: Follow up including pictures: Do I need a breast lift and implants or just implants? Needing a TT as well.

I’m positive a TT is the only thing that can fix my belly, and unsure if a lift and implants are required or just implants. I definitely want to have larger breast, started as a A cup went to D while BF, miss those. I have consultations set up for 2 weeks. Clearly I’m just really impatient and excited for a change!

A: It is great to hear you already have your Mommy Makeover consultation set up! Meeting with a board certified plastic surgeon in person is truly the best way to be evaluated and learn what procedure or procedures are the best to help you achieve your goals. From looking at your pictures, it appears you most likely will only need breast implants to give you the larger breasts you want; you do not appear to need a lift. You may be a candidate for a tummy tuck, but that is something I would need to evaluate in person to give better advice on. During your consult, I recommend going in with a list of questions and concerns for the surgeon to answer for you. Also, ask him to show you before and after pictures of his previous patients who had similar abdomen and breasts to you prior to their surgery so you can get a better idea of what results are possible. Best of luck!


Q: Will my breast size change after breast lift?

I am having a mommy makeover with breast lift, lipo, and tt. I would like to do fat transfer into butt, but I am not sure if that all can be done at the same time. I am more concerned with the breast getting too small for me!! My doc said that a breast lift should not change my size too much (38DD), is this true??

A: Undergoing all 4 of the procedures you mentioned above (breast lift, liposuction, tummy tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift) are too many for 1 surgery. Some surgeons might say they can do it, but I would recommend against it because of the extended length of time you would need to be under anesthesia and that many procedures exerts a lot of trauma to the body in a small amount of time. I would recommend doing the Brazilian Butt Lift at a separate time than the other 3 procedures, which are more commonly performed all together. In terms of the size of your breasts after a breast lift, the size should not change significantly. However, you may need a different bra size because of the repositioning of the breasts. Good luck!

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