Dr. Jimmy Firouz regularly answers questions about breast lift surgery on RealSelf.com. We wanted to share these questions and answers with you, as many are very common questions among breast lift patients. Hope these answers help!

Q: Am I a good candidate for a breast lift?

I am 5’6 and 140 pounds. My breasts are currently a 32/34DDD and I really want to get a breast lift. my shoulders always hurt from my breasts hunching over because they are big. My mom said that I can get a breast reduction with a breast lift but, I don’t really want the breast reduction because I think I will regret it. I like my breasts but I just want them to sit higher.

A: This is a great question. It sounds like aesthetically your goal is to lift your breasts without reducing the size. However, if you also want to reduce pain from large breasts, a breast reduction is what will help achieve that concern. To give you the best advice possible, I would need to examine you in person. At this point I think the best thing you could do is consult in person with a board certified plastic surgeon who can explain all of your options to you. That way you know what is realistic, and from their you can make the best decision for you.

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Q: Does breast lift surgery includes areola reduction?

My breast are sagging and my nipples pointing downwards after dramatic weight loss. My areola has become large due to the sagging. Can breast lift surgery help the case or I have to go for a different surgery?

A: You can absolutely reduce the size of your areola at the same time as your breast lift procedure. Most breast lift patients do require an areola reduction so that the appearance of the breasts after surgery is as pleasing as possible. Your next step should be consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon in-person so that he/she can examine you and give you a realistic idea of what sort of aesthetic results you can expect after breast lift surgery with areola reduction. Good luck!

Q: Lifting babies after breast lift. And returning to work.

I am currently on maternity leave and was hoping to get a breast lift done before I go back to work. I have a physical job so I need to be 100% healed when I go back. I also have a 3 month old and a 2 year old. How long will I have to wait to pick up baby after the surgery and how long should I expect before I can return to work? I am a 36DD. Thank you.

A: It sounds like you have your hands full with 2 little kids and a physical job, so it is very important that you do give your body adequate time to heel so you do not experience any complications. If you are breast feeding, it is important to note that you should not undergo any breast surgery until at least 3 months after you stop breast feeding. In terms of lifting heavy objects/your children after a breast lift, I tell my patients to wait at least 4 – 6 weeks to resume heavy lifting. However, every surgeon has different requirements and you should clarify with your surgeon what they recommend/allow. You can obviously return to work before 4 – 6 weeks, but you will not be able to do the heavy lifting at work until that point.

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Q: Which would you suggest, as I am not truly sure of the difference. Breast lift, augmentation or implants?

I believe I am an A/B cup. I’m small in size. Just not comfortable anymore with my breast after nursing both of my daughters. I would truly like for them to be fuller and lifted, of course a more natural look as well. Also, as shown in the photo, one of my nipples seem to be in-caved; is there anything that can be done to make it more like the other? Please advise.

A: Thank you for your question and for providing a picture. After looking at your pictures, it looks like you would benefit most from a breast lift + augmentation with breast implants. The breast lift will raise the sagging breasts and the breast implants will provide you with the fullness you desire. A breast lift alone will not give you the breast fullness or replenished volume that you mentioned you are looking for. The implants might help with the appearance of your nipple, and if not, this can also be surgically addressed. Your next step should be having an in person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement procedures so that you can be examined in person and given the most realistic treatment plan. Best of luck!

Q: Do I have to have a lift with my reduction from such a large size and does it affect breastfeeding?

I have 630cc HP saline implants. It took me from a very small b cup to a full DD. I have now had one child and can’t fathom being pregnant again with such large breasts so I need to go smaller. I am concerned getting a lift before would be a waste since my skin would get stretched during pregnancy and worried about how lift affects breastfeeding. Id like to go down to small-mid C cup that doesn’t protrude quite as much as what I have. i do have stretch marks from pregnancy on my breasts.

A: While you could have surgery now, the probability that you would want/need to have another breast lift after any future pregnancies is very high. Like you experienced with your first pregnancy and breast feeding, any future pregnancies will cause the breast tissue to stretch and sag. So if you go through another surgery now and become pregnant again later, you will likely be unhappy with the appearance of your breasts again and want to undergo another surgery. With that said, I generally tell my patients to wait until they are done having children to have the surgery. So if you can, wait until you are done having more children. I know it can be very hard to wait, but almost all of my patients who do decide to wait tell me they are so happy they did. Best of luck!

Q: Any advice at all or a direction I should start with?

Hi I’ve hated my breasts for forever I’ve always had huge aero las and not really any nipple unless they are hard then they shrivle up small but I also have “brail” nipples too it’s like small clogged white not pimples but kind of around them I’ve had one baby and it was difficult to breast feed I’m 22 and I wear a 34d.

A: Thank you for sharing your question and picture. A breast lift with areola reduction can give you beautiful results. However, the lift will just reposition and reshape your breasts, but not make them fuller.  If you want fuller breasts as well, then you will need breast implants as well. Since you did not mention in your question if that was something you were looking for I just wanted to mention that a lift alone, or a lift with implants are both possible options. Your next step should be to schedule an in person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon so that he/she can examine you in person and speak with you more about your goals for breast surgery so that you can determine which type of surgical procedure(s) are best for you. Good luck!

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