Dr. Firouz often answers questions from people like you on RealSelf.com. We thought these Beverly Hills Breast Implant Removal questions and answers might be useful for you as well!

Q: Ruptures Silicone Implant After 25 Years? I am 56 years old and found out that one of my implants has ruptures. It’s been 25 years since they were first implanted. Can I expect relatively natural looking breasts if I don’t have any more put in?

A: Possibly. It should be fine not to have new implants put in. Worst case scenario, you can always have them removed and see how you feel without them completely. After a period of about 3-4 months, if you’re absolutely not happy, you can have new implants put in.


Q: Is it possible to have your breasts look natural after removing your implants? I have 600 right now, but wanted to completely remove them.

A: Unlikely. After removing 600 CC implants, it’s very unlikely that the breasts will look natural without some kind of revision surgery, for example, a breast lift or smaller implant.


Q: Had Beverly Hills Breast Implant Removal 4 Days Ago, when Can I Resume Exercise? I had my 325 sub muscular implants removed last week and my Dr. didn’t really give me any restrictions. Just wanting some more opinions. Should I wear a sports bra for more than a week to bind? How long should I sleep in a sports bra? When can I resume high impact exercise…running, cardio kick boxing? My Dr. said just wait about a week. I love my Doc but I think he does more implants than explants. Can I hurt anything by exercising?

A: I think it is important to speak to the surgeon who removed the implants because he/she would know how extensive the surgery was (i.e. capsulectomy, etc). The extent of the procedure will be a game changer as far as returning to strenuous activity early, as opposed to a simple removal of implants which would allow the patient to go back to strenuous activity much quicker!

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