Beverly Hills Brazilian Butt Lift surgeon, Dr. Jimmy Firouz, frequently answers patient’s questions on the popular site Here are some of the answers to Brazilian Butt Lift questions Dr. Firouz has provided that we think you will find useful as well!

Q: What questions should you ask at a BBL consultation?

What are some important questions you should ask a doctor when getting a consultation for a BBL?

A: This is a great question! I always recommend that patients come into their consultation with a list of Brazilian Butt Lift questions written out so they make sure to ask me everything they have been thinking about. Here are some of the questions I recommend you ask your surgeon:

  1. Are you a board certified plastic surgeon? (It is very important you see a board certified plastic surgeon, not a cosmetic surgeon, to make sure your procedure is not only as successful as possible, but as safe as possible.)
  2. How many Brazilian Butt Lift procedures do you perform a year?
  3. Can I see before and after pictures of your previous Brazilian Butt Lift patients?
  4. Do you use a big or a small cannula for the liposuction? (A small cannula is best because it prevents divots and dents in the skin, which are often seen after using a large cannula for lipo. Using this smaller, finer cannula for liposuction takes much more time than the larger cannulas, but the results are remarkably better. The small cannula also allows me to be very meticulous and better sculpt the body.)
  5. Is my current weight appropriate for the procedure?
  6. How many different areas are you going to need to liposuction?
  7. What sort of results can I expect?
  8. Are there any of your patients that have had the procedure that I can talk to about their experience?
  9. What is recovery like after a Brazilian Butt Lift?
  10. Are there any complications I might be at risk for?

Asking these questions should give you a good idea of the surgeon’s expertise in Brazilian Butt Lift procedures and help you determine if it is the right procedure for you. Good luck!

Q: Can I get a small butt for the brazilian butt lift surgery?

Hi, I noticed that for the Brazilian butt lift surgery you need a good amount of fat so that you can transfer it out to your butt however, what if you only have a small amount of fat and only want a small but round butt? The brazilian butt lift surgeries I have seen the butt is always really big and I want something a little bit smaller. If that is the case would the pricing be the same?

A: I would need to examine you in person to determine if you have enough fat for a successful fat transfer to the buttocks. While you are hoping for less dramatic results with your Brazilian Butt Lift, we would still need to make sure there is enough fat to give you these results. The good news is that every Brazilian Butt Lift procedure should be completely customized to the patient. There is no standard formula, and a great surgeon will modify the work from patient to patient. In terms of pricing, at my office, we do have a price range depending on how many different areas need to be liposuctioned to acquire enough fat for the transfer. So in your case, it is possible that the pricing would be on the lower end since you do not want as much fat transferred to your buttocks. However, if we need to liposuction multiple areas to get enough fat (because there is not enough fat in your abdomen alone) then the cost will go up. Hope that helps!

Q: How long does it take for the swelling to disappear after Brazilian Butt Lift and Liposuction?

I am wider across the back and stomach than pre surgery and I wear my compression garment 24/7, I am currently 2 weeks post op. Feeling discouraged please help.

A: It is common to still be swollen just 2 weeks post-op and you may continue to experience swelling for up to 6 weeks, if not more, after surgery. It may appear that you are wider across your back and stomach because of the swelling and fluid that may still be draining from the liposuction. Most importantly, if this is a huge concern or causing you any unusual pain I would address this with your plastic surgeon. Do not feel discouraged yet because you are still in the first few weeks of your recovery. I always recommend my patients to wait to go clothes shopping until 3 months after this kind of procedure because that is around the time patients begin to see their final results.

Q: Is it ok to continue to receive Botox injections (in the forehead) prior to having a Brazilian Butt Lift? Thanks!

A: I allow my patients to continue Botox injections prior to surgery. The only things I advise my patients to discontinue, starting two weeks before surgery, are: drinking alcohol, smoking, vitamins, herbal supplements, Aspirin, Advil, Motrin or anything containing those, and any other medications that I have not OK’d.

Q: Brazilian Butt Lift prices – Why do they vary so much from doctor to doctor?

I’m researching a BBL and I’ve noticed pricing is all over the board. Is there a reason why some doctors charge more than others? I’m noticing a lot of people are traveling inside the US and outside as well for their surgeries. It this a good idea? Any risks? Should you have surgery in your area in case their are complications? If I travel, what happens when I get home and need checkups? Thanks.

A: First and foremost, you should only have a Brazilian Butt Lift with a board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure a safe procedure, and furthermore, I strongly recommend against traveling to another country for cheaper surgery options. It is normal for surgeons to charge different prices for surgeries, including Brazilian Butt Lifts. Even within my own practice, my price will vary depending on the following factors:

  • How many different areas I have to liposuction to harvest enough fat
  • How much fat the patient wants removed/transferred
  • How dramatic of results is the patient looking for

Additionally, I use a very fine cannula, which prevents divots and dents in the skin from liposuction, which are often seen after using a large cannula for lipo. Using this smaller, finer cannula for lipo takes much more time than the larger cannulas, but the results are remarkably better. The small cannula also allows me to be very meticulous and better sculpt the body.

Hope that helps explain the variables in pricing.

Q: BBL. Which is better: transferring fat below or above the muscle?

Which one is better for bbl…..fat injection under the muscles or above the muscles? Thank you.

A: To see the best results from a Brazilian Butt Lift the fat should be transferred in multiple levels – below, within and above the muscle. This technique will give you the best-looking results. Make sure you consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-experienced with Brazilian Butt Lift procedures.

Q: How many weeks after a Brazilian Butt Lift can I safely sit for extended periods without compromising optimal results?

A: I advise all of my Brazilian Butt Lift patients to keep pressure off of the buttocks for at least 8 weeks.Pressure will destroy the transferred fat.I do not allow my patients to sit AT ALL fort the first 10 days.After the initial 10 days, I recommend two different methods so that the patient may sit without putting direct pressure on the buttocks.The first is a “donut pillow” which is placed beneath the posterior hamstrings and does not touch the buttocks.This donut pillow keeps the buttocks in the air and avoids pressure on the newly grafted tissue.With this technique, you can return to work, drive, etc.I do not allow patients to sit without this pillow for two months.You can find these online or at most drug stores.

The second method is a cane sling seat.When you sit on this seat, the buttocks hangs off of the back of the chair, so no pressure is placed on them.However, if the patient has had fat transferred to the infragluteal crease, the donut pillow should be the only technique used.

Putting pressure on the buttocks too soon following a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure will affect the results of your surgery, so be sure to discuss all of your post-operative options and instructions with a board certified plastic surgeon!

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